What type of phone case is most protective?

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how often do phone cases fall and bump with the ground? It depends on the users. But, these risks are always present whether a person is clumsy or not. It is also why consumers or all phone users need to guarantee their phone safety through phone cases. They would choose protective phone cases that can withstand a lot of falling.

There is a broad range of phone cases in the market. With this option, consumers and owners might find it hard to know which ones are protective. We narrow down the choices that will suit you best in this guide. We only listed the best ones, so keep on reading!

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Standard or Basic Phone Case

Most of the time, phone users want to protect their phones in a much simpler way. If you’re going to offer options to your customers, consider the standard or basic style. This type of phone case has a simple design, one color or clear.

Despite being basic, it is still functional. It protects the phone from dents and scratches. It also has a lifted angle that keeps the front screen from getting damaged. This case is also lightweight, provides adequate protection, and is convenient.

Hard Phone Case

The second type on this list is a hard phone case with a hard shell that fits on any phone. This type is lightweight and firm, making it compact and not bulky. It contains many layers of various materials to sustain more severe fall impacts. It also has a standard design that covers all four sides of the phone.

At the same time, its colors often come in two: transparent or many colors. It also comes in two finishes: matte and gloss. But, despite these excellent characteristics, they may crack when dropped. It will break from the corner and to the center.

TPU (Gel) Phone Case

TPU is one of the materials suitable for being a protective phone case. The material comprises this TPU plastic material that attains various characteristics. Some of these are resistance to flammable liquids, transparency, and elasticity. It also holds the qualities of being lightweight and slim. So, it will be an added protection and nothing else.

TPU phone case can withstand bumps, dents, and scratches for a long time. This type of phone case is super durable, which makes it protective of the ​​back and sides of the phone. If you want to sell protective phone cases with a touch of aesthetic, you may do so! This product is available in various colors and finishes, such as matte or gloss.

Leather Phone Case

A leather phone case has a higher-end style design. This leather material brings out a fancy touch on the phone while still being protective. Because of its hardiness, it is superb at safeguarding the phone from dents and scratches. It also has a natural tightening grip that reduces the chance of slipping from the hands.

Some samples you can see on manufacturers are leather cases with hard shells covered. Other samples would be a thin inner layer from the inside and then leather lining on the outside. These phone cases are sure to live up to being aesthetic as it comes in various styles and colors! But note that this can be expensive, especially if they are authentic leather.

Silicone Case

Silicone cases have a soft material, yet they are still effective for protection. This material used petroleum products and silicone.

We can attest to its durability; you can bend or twist it without causing much damage to the structure. The sidelining of the phone case is also lifted. When users put the phone down, the phone screen will not touch the surface.

It is also light and fitted to the phone, which provides good shock absorption. The only downside of silicon cases is that it turns yellow over time. It may appear unattractive, so you have to replace them than clean them. It is also hard to slip in and out of your pockets; they might cause accidental slips.

Plastic Phone Case

One of the most common phone cases has plastic material, PC polycarbonate. It will be your best option if your target market for selling phone cases is within the budget range. Why is this the case? First, plastic cases are durable and long-lasting.

It is also easy to manufacture, affordable and doesn’t need extensive manufacturing expertise. For this reason, manufacturers will give you quotations that have a lower value. You can use this advantage to price your products better.

Tough Phone Case

Are you interested in selling phone cases that will survive even if they are always dropped? If you are, then a tough phone case is ideal. The material of this phone case has an outer layer of hard polycarbonate. Then a soft inner layer, such as silicone. This structure makes them rigid and absorbs shock well.

If you look for tough cases, you must look for the ones that passed the ​​military drop test certification. We made these phone cases pass for military drop tests up to 15 feet. It is why compared to other types on this list; this is more heavy and bulky.

Carbon Fiber Phone Cases

As its name implies, we make carbon fiber phone cases using carbon fiber. We pertain to this material for having high tensile strength. It also lows thermal expansion, high chemical resistance, and more. It will offer good scratch, cracks, and bump resistance for phone cases.

Additionally, carbon fiber phone cases consist of a protective shell. This shell protects and offers shock absorption to the phone’s edges. It is the one; if you are looking for eye-catching phone cases. Something strong like steel and can withstand the effects of time. It is protective yet still appears unique and aesthetic.

Flip Phone Case

A flip phone case has a traditional design, like a book cover. This phone case type sometimes includes extra features such as slots for cards or cash. It can also function as a stand. This design extends to being protective.

Flip phone cases have thick material, leather-like, that protects from dents and scratches. It also covers the entire back, front, and sides of the phone from any thin things. Although, this option is not as popular compared to wallet-style phone cases.

Rugged Case

One of the things that consumers look for in a phone case is not the design but also how protective they are. With this gap, rugged cases come into the picture! A rugged case is protective as the style covers almost everything from the phone. It covers the bottom, sides, and front areas, making it hard to use. They are also super bulky, heavy, and hard to carry.

Users might need a bag or extra space when they bring their phones. Despite how troublesome they are for some, they still function well. It can reduce the damage to the phone, especially if it falls from a high level. The phone will also be less slippery, even with wet hands.

Wrapping Up

When choosing the best option for phone cases, you must know various things. For instance, it must have a good style while protecting from scratch, dents, light bumps, and more. Cases are the best if you want minimal protection from silicone or leather. But, for a hard-and-fast impact, choose hard cases.

A flip phone case is ideal if you want to sell a functional yet protective phone case. You can also choose a minimalist design that falls under the standard or basic phone cases. All the options we have listed above offer the best phone protection.

You can get them here at Herscase! Herscase has all kinds of protective cases you can choose from. For inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us!

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