What Are Eco-Friendly Cases Made Of? Benefits of Biodegradable Phone Cases!

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You must have seen the hype about eco-friendly products such as phone cases. If you are wondering what these phone cases are made of, you are in the right place! Eco-friendly phone cases are amazing and safe for our planet.

Biodegradable phone case

Eco-friendly phone cases are made of natural, compostable, sustainable, and biodegradable materials. Natural wood, bamboo, flax shives, cork, wheat straw, etc, all are eco-friendly materials for phone cases. These phone cases don’t contain toxins such as lead, BPA, and cadmium.

fully biodegradable case

You must know the benefits of biodegradable phone cases so you can see how plastic harms the environment. If you are interested in getting such a phone case, we have suggested some reliable brands. You can check them out and learn more about eco-friendly phone cases. So, let’s dive right in!

Eco-Friendly Phone Case Manufacturing

The use of eco-friendly phone cases is increasing though it isn’t as prominent as other phone cases. You might be wondering what’s the hype about biodegradable phone cases. We will describe the benefits of such phone cases later in this article. But before that, let’s see what eco-friendly phone cases are made of.

Materials of Eco-Friendly Cases

Manufacturers use biodegradable materials for eco-friendly cases. These include:

  • Cork
  • Bamboo
  • Wood
  • Wheat Straw
  • Flax Shive

All these materials are natural and don’t contain plastic. The main purpose of making biodegradable phone cases is to avoid the use of plastic. 

Biodegradable phone case with polybag

Plastic consists of chemicals harmful to the environment. Whereas these natural materials are safe for the environment.

Some manufacturers are also using recycled plastic for manufacturing environment-friendly phone cases. These cases consist of recycled TPU so that the environment doesn’t have to face harmful plastic chemicals. Instead of going to waste, plastic comes into use and the cycle goes on.

big wave tpu phone case

There are different brands selling phone cases made up of upcycled materials. They use different items such as old CDs.

Eco-friendly phone cases don’t contain toxic adhesives. When the adhesives in non-eco-friendly phone cases melt, they release toxins into the environment. 

CD electroplating phone case

What Are the Benefits of Eco-Friendly Phone Cases?

Why are people using eco-friendly phone cases? Are they any better than plastic ones? Let’s find out all the benefits of using biodegradable phone cases!

new design soft phone case

Easily Compostable and Biodegradable

Most of the phone cases consist of dense plastic for maximum protection. However, these plastic materials are harmful to the environment. 

Plastic stays on the planet forever and doesn’t degrade by nature. No matter how old a plastic product is, it always stays on the planet.

lak printing phone case

On the other hand, eco-friendly phone cases are biodegradable and compostable. They decompose by themselves when you throw them away. They don’t stay on the planet like plastic phone cases.

Biodegradable phone cases consist of organic materials. These materials decompose on their own in the soil.

plated phone case with camera film

Compostable phone cases serve as compost for soil as well. So, instead of harming the environment, they enhance soil fertility. You can learn a lot more about plastic pollution here.

No Harm to the Ocean

Tons of plastic are disposed of in the oceans every day. All the animals in the ocean suffer due to plastic waste. 

Phone case with astronaut standing

Plastic leads to ocean pollution and the death of aquatic animals. Plastic products are stuck in their throat or cause scratches on their body parts. All this destroys aquatic life.

The use of biodegradable phone cases prevents ocean pollution and damage to aquatic life.

handmade pu leather phone case & airpod case


Plastic consists of a chemical called Bisphenol A (BPA). When people dispose of plastic phone cases, BPA releases into the air. It is a harmful toxin, detrimental to health.

Exposure to high amounts of BPA leads to memory problems, learning issues, as well as obesity. It affects our brain activity and also causes diseases. Cardiovascular diseases, high BP, and type II diabetes – all associate with BPA exposure. 

more colors

Eco-friendly phone cases don’t have any such chemicals. They are totally free of BPA and thus provide a toxin-free product.

You can also learn how plastic phone cases are made and their manufacturing process!

silicone phone case with mirror

Best Brands for Eco-Friendly Phone Cases

Looking for a good brand of eco-friendly phone case? Want a biodegradable phone case that provides maximum protection for your phone? Let’s suggest you some reliable brands!

Pela Cases

Pela is a brand of phone cases famous for its environment-friendly cases. They have compostable phone cases to protect the environment from plastic waste.

girly phone case

You can find phone cases for the following mobile brands on their website:

  • iPhone 
  • Samsung
  • OnePlus
  • Google
  • Huawei. 

They have a wide range of designs to choose from. All of their phone cases are highly protective, biodegradable, and safe for the environment. 

many colors can be customized

Pela uses natural resources for manufacturing its phone cases. All their phone cases are free of toxins such as BPA, lead, BPS, cadmium, nickel, etc. You can see how Pela manufactures its phone cases as well.

Eco Fashion by Wilma

Eco Fashion by Wilma is a brand of phone cases available on Amazon. The brand makes biodegradable phone cases free of any toxic chemicals. 

New arrival phone case

They use organic materials that decompose on their own. The manufacturers claim to have zero waste while making these phone cases.

Their designs are minimal but the phone cases are available for limited mobile models. Some of the mobile models include:

  • iPhone 12 variants
  • iPhone 11 variants
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6,7, and, 8


Herscase off line store

Oakywood makes wooden products including phone cases. Their phone cases are for iPhone models only. They use chestnut trees and walnut trees for making phone cases.

The wooden phone cases are 100% biodegradable, free of toxins, and safe for the environment.

You can get custom phone cases by engraving anything on the wood from Oakywood.

Final Thoughts

Pysical shop of Herscase

Now you know what eco-friendly cases are made of! Biodegradable cases are great for the environment and they prevent plastic pollution. Many brands are coming on the side of manufacturing such cases. We should appreciate these brands as they are working for our home (earth). If we can’t buy eco-friendly cases, we should recycle or upcycle our plastic cases. 

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