What are the Best Brands of Phone Cases? Both Wholesale and Single Phone Cases!

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Looking for the best brands of phone cases but don’t know any? If yes, you are in the right place. Finding a good brand of phone case means you get high-quality phone cases. Phone cases should be protective but the designs should be good too.

mag safe phone case

Icaseo has the best phone cases for wholesale. Their phone cases are protective and they have a wide range of designs. For individual phone cases, you can go for Otterbox, Caseology, and Incipio phone cases. They make some of the most protective phone cases.

phone case on the production line

You must learn about the brand of phone case before choosing one. Whether you want phone cases in bulk or a single one, we have the best options for you. So, let’s get started!

CD phone case

Best Wholesale Brands of Phone Cases

Are you looking for the best brands of phone cases and want to buy them in bulk? Finding a good-quality supplier is crucial if you want to maintain the integrity of your brand. Therefore, we have researched and brought some of the best wholesale brands of phone cases for you.

many colors available for electroplated mag safe phone case

All these brands have a variety of phone cases you can choose from. You can run a successful phone case business by relying on these brands. So, let’s check them out!

hot selling phone cases on Amazon


Icaseo is your one-stop shop for all types of phone cases. The brand has 10 years of experience in making phone cases. So, you can totally rely on the quality of their phone cases.

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Whether you want transparent cases, colorful cases, or customized ones, Icaseo has everything available.

plastic camera protection phone case

Most of their phone case designs are available for all phone models. Android, iPhone, Samsung, and every phone model is covered here!

fancy luggage phone case

They are serving clients from all over the world. The brand is situated in Guangzhou, China. You get the following designs of phone cases from Herscase:

bear phone cases with mirror and hand chain
  • Lady Cases
  • Men’s Cases
  • Flip Cases
  • Simple Cases
  • Funny Cases
  • Phone Case Bag
  • Matte TPU Cases
  • Floral Cases
  • Custom Cases
electroplating tpu phone case with camera film

You can get custom packaging from Herscase too. This is beneficial if you don’t have a manufacturer for packaging. You can ask the brand to design the packaging according to your brand’s name and logo.

round camera pc+tpu

You can find the most protective phone cases from their comprehensive guide.

best selling on Amazon

The timing of the sample production varies. For a custom-designed sample, the production takes 7 days. However, if the design requires a new mold, it can take 30-40 days. It is because mold production is a time-consuming process.

new design carton case

They provide worldwide shipping and their shipping time is relatively low too. 

astronaut phone case stand

Best thing about Herscase:

They have professional designers making sure you get exactly what you want. Everything will be according to your preference. 

2022 newest heart phone case

You want to choose the designs or the material of the phone case? Everything is available!

gradual changed color heart shape design protection phone cover

Loving Case

Loving Case is located in Shenzhen, China. They not only sell phone cases but other tech-related accessories. Loving Case is a good brand to get phone cases from as they have a wide range of designs.

3 in 1 phon case with ring

Moreover, Loving Case also provides the option of custom cases. You can place orders for custom cases and get paid samples as well. They take around 7 days for custom cover shipping while bulk orders can take 7-20 days.

customized color for skin feeling phone case

Loving Case delivers phone cases all around the globe. No matter where you do business, you can contact Loving Case for phone cases.

CD camera protection phone case

They have phone cases for all phone models such as iPhone and Samsung. Other than that, they also have phone cases for Huawei, One Plus, and Google.

pc+tpu phone case wwith rubber bumper case

They have a minimum defective rate because of professional workers and designers.


AliBaba is a versatile wholesale online market where you can find any product. This website also has a wide variety of phone cases. You can find more than 20k+ products at AliBaba.

details of the camera and bumper

All you have to do is find a suitable seller there and choose your products. Finding a suitable seller is tricky. You should go for the verified sellers with reviews so you can get an idea about the quality.

The website consists of multiple sellers, all selling products at different rates. So, you have to find a suitable seller that matches the budget and quality you are planning for.

You can find a wide range of designs at AliBaba available for most phone models.

details of camera film

Best Brands of Phone Cases For Single Products

Want to buy a phone case for your personal use and not for wholesale? No worries, we have got you covered in this department as well!

We have reviewed some of the most famous brands of phone cases you can try out. So, let’s dive right in!

super strong magnetic phone case with silicone band


The main goal of Otterbox phone cases is to provide protection for your phone. If you want maximum protection with a good design, Otterbox is a must-try.

Otterbox has phone cases for all iPhone and Samsung models. You can also find phone cases for Android phones such as Google, LG, OnePlus, T-Mobile, Motorola, Nokia, etc. 

It is a high-end brand of phone case that emphasizes protection more than anything. Their designs are usually minimal. 

round camera with packaging

Caseology Cases

Caseology is comparatively less expensive than Otterbox. They also manufacture high-end and protective phone covers for a lot of phone models.

They have limited designs for phone cases. Most of the designs are simple yet the phone cases are protective.

elegant mirror phone case with chain


Incipio provides a great range of designs for phone cases. They sell phone cases for iPhone, Samsung, Google, and Motorola. 

Their phone cases are highly protective and the designs are unique as well. You can find branded phone cases on their website too such as Coach Folio Case.

wireless charging phone case

Final Thoughts

Now you know where to buy good phone cases whether you want them for personal use or your business. Buying a high-quality phone case means you provide maximum protection to your phone. Therefore, you should find a suitable phone case so that your phone stays intact for a long time. 

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